Saxonia-Franke Delivers Better, More Complex tools and molds with Cimatron CAD/CAM Software

Industry: Automotive, electrical, construction

Location: Göppingen, Germany, with branches in Switzerland and Slovenia

Web Site:

The Challenge 
  • Remaining competitive by producing high quality dies, introducing cost efficiencies, and shortening delivery times
  • Reducing mistakes and the need for “trial and error”
  • Achieving integration between the company’s design and production work
  • Successfully importing data from different formats, such as STEP, CATIA and AutoCAD, and the ability to repair design errors
The Solutions 

Cimatron’s DieQuote, DieDesign, 3-Axis Milling

The Results  
  • One powerful solution that covers the entire die making process, from quoting to design, NC programming and production
  • The design of precise tools without any wrinkles, cracks or pressure points, as well a higher quality tool path, thanks to Cimatron’s 3D design strengths
  • Full integration, including of FEA functions, which reduces design time by eliminating the need to switch between different platforms.
  • Increased ability to recognize and correct conversion errors, such as displaying open edges and offering repair functions to close them

Established in 1981, Saxonia-Franke offers solutions in the fields of fastening elements and safety systems. It manufactures precision stamped and bent parts, as well as plastic injection moldings. Each year it produces some 40 progressive dies.

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