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Cimatron Viewer is a tool that simplifies and reduces the cost of design reviews for mold/die assemblies, parts, drawings, and manufacturing information.

Easy Review of Molds, Dies, EDM, CNC, Tool Build and Design

It accurately measures 3D CAD and allows you to understand tool build instructions and preview plans for CNC machine scheduling. By inspecting native Cimatron data, it eliminates the need to manage additional data files. Cimatron Viewer improves communication and understanding between groups, which in turn enhances productivity and reduces errors in the workflow.


Access to view parts, tool designs, assemblies, drawings, and manufacturing data.

  • Presents a simplified, intuitive layout enabling access to all CAD/CAM details with zero information loss
  • Quicky and reliably import all standard and direct data interface files to interrogate/validate existing designs and visualize engineering changes
  • Project planning staff can check incoming data for quoting and estimating purposes
  • “View-only” ensures data integrity as users cannot make changes
Access to view parts, tool designs, assemblies, drawings, and manufacturing data

Mold Design Review

  • Check tonnage requirements, mold weight, cavitation, construction, tie bar distance, robot access
  • Material properties, parting lines/surfaces, shape location, quantity, sequence, parting method
  • Review mold type (hot/cold), gate location, sprue, runner, gate type/size, venting, cooling
  • Review Lifters, electrodes, ejection, clearances, safety precautions for fabrication, eyebolts, etc
Mold Design Review

Die Design Review

  • Check material properties, Yield and Tensile Strength per specification, thickness, tonnage, feasibility
  • Review dimensions, standards, feed, shut height, process plan, start line, coil width, stripper pads
  • Draw, form, trim, pierce in different colors, check die size/weight according to press, cams
  • Blank size equal to or less than quoted, lifting bars, scrap chutes, posts, bushings, parallels, guides
Die Design Review

Tool Build Review

  • Follow assembly instructions with zoom, pan, rotate, and dynamic sectioning on shaded or wireframe
  • Hide or show various plates and components, isolate layers, open and close tools and explode assembly
  • Check datum planes, GD&T, PMI, measure tolerances
  • Enable filters, see feature dependencies and parameter details
Tool Build Review

NC Machining Process Review

  • Safely review the NC process plan with fixtures, clamps, spindle and tool holder
  • Understand the time required for operations and tool changes
  • Review procedures, parameters and settings for 2.5, 3, 3+2, 4, and 5-axis toolpaths
  • Provides excellent flexibility to generate G-Code on the shop floor for the currently available CNC machine (with GPP2 add-on)
NC Machining Process Review

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