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Nortool Improves Productivity in Die Design and Production with Cimatron CAD/CAM Software

  • Keeping pace with client demands for faster turnaround
  • Engineering and production of molds and parts of increasing complexity and size
  • Enhanced efficiency of operations across the company

Cimatron’s DieDesign and NC

  • Enhanced efficiency, visibility, and communication throughout the company
  • Increased design productivity by 20 to 30%
  • Better ability to handle highly complex molds
  • Sales representatives can create more accurate quotes and showcase jobs to existing and potential customers in a 3D environment

Established in 1991 as a division of Norco Industries, Nortool provides prototyping, progressive die design and manufacturing, as well as assembly and welding of machined components and precision machining, including 4-Axis.

Nortool’s association with Cimatron stems from a review by the company of its operational practices and the technologies it employs, as a way of ensuring that it retains its competitiveness in a fast paced and demanding environment. The review identified the need to eliminate the different software platforms used across Nortool’s departments as key to shortening production cycle times, eliminating excessive labor, and reducing costs. After examining the various platforms available, Nortool settled on Cimatron as it offered the company a single, integrated 3D solution across both design and manufacturing operations.

Says Project Engineer David Lindemann: “Standardizing on 3D and a single unified platform across all departments enables us to eliminate errors, accelerate product time to market, and streamline the management of Engineering Change Orders.”

Nortool has also seen benefits in quoting, with Brand Manager Mark Modglin noting that “The ability to drop a product file into the software and immediately see what needs to be done is a huge advantage in helping us come up with more accurate quotes and getting them back to the customer quicker than we could ever do before.” 

Last but not least, says Modglin, “Cimatron has provided outstanding technical support and training, which made the implementation of the new software a pleasant experience that has exceeded our expectations.”

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