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CRP Delivers Faster Product Delivery, Increased Quality With Cimatron 4- and 5-axis Machining




Modena, Italy


  • Producing parts to perfection in line with customers’ needs
  • Achieving on-time delivery, even if production of a part involves a high degree of complexity
  • Handling the design changes to the product that are inevitable during motor racing seasons

Cimatron’s 4- and 5-Axis

  • Faster production resulting from system automation and overall integration efficiencies
  • Improved product quality owing to powerful automation which reduces the chance of human errors, and the ability to simulate realistically the process of chip removal
  • The capacity to make changes to the product design relatively easily, even once NC programming has begun
We are proud to have been a Cimatron partner for over 20 years. Cimatron has been an important factor in CRP being able to meet our customer guarantee, offering quality, reliability, short delivery time, and research of innovative solutions in hi-tech machining.
Franco Cevolini, Technical Director

CRP owes its origins to the creation of tool shop Roberto Cevolini & Co in 1970, which produced components for Formula 1 vehicles, including frame parts, gearboxes, engine components and machined wind tunnel parts. CRP Technology was established in 1996 as the research and development arm of the business, later merging with the parent business under the CRP banner. CRP’s design and production of components for racing cars and two-wheelers have played an invaluable role in the success of many F1 teams, Rally Raid, ALMS, and World Rally.

CRP has used Cimatron’s CAD/CAM solutions since the 1980s. Of particular importance has been Cimatron’s 5-Axis solution, which CRP uses in the processing of materials such as titanium alloys, metal, and special steels. Some of Cimatron’s 5-Axis functionalities used by CRP have been constant collision control between tools, shanks, and holders; roughing out in spiral, parallel, isoparametric, pencil and morph motions between contours and surfaces; rapid machining of deep cavities; and the milling of profiles.

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