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H&D Precision Decreases Product Time-To-Market with the help of Cimatron CAD/CAM Software


Communications, transport, tools


The Netherlands


Refining H&D's manufacturing process to accommodate a growing business, and to win more jobs in a competitive environment


Cimatron's master solution, including MoldDesign and NC, and with add-ons such as QuickElectrode, QuickSplit and QuickCompare

  • 50% reduction in programming time
  • 60% reduction in total production time
  • Ability to manufacture more complex molds wins H&D more jobs
  • 30% projected increase in output for current year

"Cimatron has all we need for the whole process in one software solution. You can find good CAD and good CAM solutions, and they work fine as long as you use them separately. Cimatron lets you switch from one environment to the other, providing you the tools you need at the right stage of the process."

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