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ALPLA implement Cimatron for tool design & manufacturing, and full electrode automation workflow

ALPLA produce innovative packaging systems, bottles, caps and injection-molded parts for a wide range of industries. Find out from Markus Schuster, Head of ALPLA Mold shop how a company with 23,300 employees in 190 locations uses Cimatron for their tool design & manufacturing processes, and electrode automation workflow.

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HARTING Improves Tool Quality, Reduces Scrap, and Delivers Molds Faster with Cimatron

HARTING Applied Technologies GmbH in Espelkamp, Germany achieves data consistency throughout the entire mold-making process, from design to manufacturing, with Cimatron.

VMR Achieves Fast and Efficient Prototyping with Cimatron

VMR GmbH & Co. KG in Mönchweiler, Germany delivers 10,000 electrodes per year quickly and cost-effectively using Cimatron, reducing electrode design and manufacturing time by 70%

Liberty Molds Eliminates Errors and Reduces Design Time by 50% with Cimatron Software

Liberty Molds, Inc. and Allegiance Mold, LLC in Portage, MI use Cimatron software to design and manufacture custom, high-quality plastic injection molds faster to maintain a competitive edge.

B&J Specialty Increases Production Rate by 30% with Cimatron Designed Conformally-Cooled Mold

B&J Specialty Increases Production Rate by 30% with Cimatron Designed Conformally-Cooled Injection Mold. The new conformally-cooled mold inserts reduced temperature variation throughout cooling to 18˚C and shrank cycle time on the mold from one minute to 40 seconds, an overall productivity improvement of 30 percent.

Bastech Uses Cimatron and Conformal Cooling Inserts to Reduce Costs and Time


Scott Young, Engineering Manager at Bastech, a single-source solution provider for mold design & manufacturing, and additive manufacturing services explains how the implementation of Cimatron for conformal cooling design has introduced a new level of simplicity, efficiency, and economy to mold design.