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CIMATRON CAD offers easy-to-learn 3D/2D functionality that accelerates product development and preparation to manufacturing, reduces costs, and enhances the quality of your designs.

Cimatron CAD provides a flexible 3D parametric hybrid modeling environment that integrates history-based and direct edit design tools, enhancing productivity with exceptional design flexibility.

Users can take advantage of powerful dedicated design features such as advanced solids and surfacing modeling, robust assembly tools, and fully associative 2D drawings/BOM, with comprehensive support for concurrent design and ECO management.

Cimatron CAD

CAD Interoperability

Open and work with standard 3D CAD data files with optional direct translators for OEM CAD including PMI.

Parametric 3D Design

Increase productivity with dedicated tools for product design, including hybrid solid/surfacing modeling features.

Model-Based Definition (MBD)

MBD helps designers add product manufacturing information (PMI) and geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T).

Dedicated Solid Modeling Tools

Specialized modeling tools for creating holes, ribs, rounds, chamfers, tapers, and direct modeling.

Advanced Surfacing Tools

Our part environment includes powerful surfacing and wireframe creation and editing tools to support even the most discerning users.

Robust Assembly Tools

Build complex tool assemblies using a wide range of efficient assembly tools from various smart catalogs and duplicate components for effective utilization.

Associative 2D Drawings and Accurate Bills of Materials

Automate 2D drawing creation from 3D parts and assemblies with a simple click to produce accurate bills of materials (BOMs) required for manufacturing.

Prepare Parts for Manufacturing

Analyze, fix, and apply draft angles and cap relevant areas to prepare parts for efficient programming on any CAM system.

Design Changes Propagate Downstream

With hybrid, history-based and direct modeling tools, you can make design changes at any time. Changes flow quickly and efficiently to all downstream departments.

Improve Design Quality

Use interference checking, cut verification, and integrated motion analysis tools, to eliminate errors and rework at the design stage.

Direct Collaboration

Share native Cimatron files directly with internal and external customers to eliminate data translation and save time.

Reduced Costs

Reduce costs for maintaining several CAD systems by integrating design and manufacturing tools into one solution.

Fast and Easy Learning

Get up to speed quickly with online help and available tutorials, live technical support, and training.

Cimatron CAD
Cimatron CAD
Cimatron CAD
Cimatron CAD
Cimatron CAD

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