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Cimatron Electrode Design

Cimatron Electrode enables super-fast electrode design and manufacturing. Reduce electrode design time by up to 80%, eliminate errors, and increase productivity with lights-out machining.

Electrode Design

Reduce design time by up to 80 percent:

  • Work your way quickly and efficiently through the entire design process using advanced tools for easy selection of burning surfaces, automated creation of holder and blank geometry, and versatile surface creation tools.
  • Create and reuse templates that complete the design of new electrodes with similar topologies in seconds. Cimatron Electrode will even repeat surface extensions in relevant areas based on the template.
  • Check for possible collisions of the complete electrode and its holder with the part or the fixtures.

Electrode Burning Process

Ensure an error-free burning process:

  • Quickly define the complete burning process (including spark gaps, 2D or 3D orbiting, and rough offsets) for each electrode and burning path.
  • Automatically create inspection drawings for each of the electrodes and allow shop floor staff to verify electrode dimensions prior to burning.
  • Easily generate a setup and burning sheet for each of the electrodes, with corresponding locations and rotations, as well as a drawing of the complete EDM process.

Electrode Manufacturing

Create complete 2.5- to 5-axis machining procedures with the click of a button:

  • Consider the burning parameters (including spark gaps, 2D or 3D orbiting, and rough offsets) to machine accurate electrodes and eliminate errors.
  • Use automatic coloring to mark components for design validation and for selecting geometry to be used in NC templates.
  • Easily create and reuse process templates, which enables you to select user-defined milling strategies automatically based on electrode geometry.
  • Support machining of very thin elements with optimization for the manufacturing of fine ribs.
  • Verify dimensions of manufactured electrodes by sending a CMM measuring path straight to your machine that considers the burning parameters.
  • Employ the EDM setup tool to define electrode and machine-specific parameters and to control which electrodes are sent to burning and in which order.

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