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Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry Selects Cimatron CAD/CAM software for Training Centers

KCCI selects Cimatron CAD/CAM software to deliver standardized training across its vocational school sites to reduce costs and increase training effectiveness.

Vocational training institutes




With a variety of CAD/CAM software used at vocational training centers around Korea, KCCI needed to standardize its training across the network in order to increase efficiency


Multiple Cimatron educational packages

  • Increased efficiency across the board
  • Enhanced training productivity
  • Improved cost performance
  • More appropriate answer to market needs

Concerned with the long-term prospects for the South Korean economy, the Korean Government laid out a national strategy for human resources development several years ago. Its goal: nurture a skilled industrial workforce able to respond to market demands. In response, the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) established a new Human Resources Development Office (HRDO) and took over eight Human Resources Development Institutes previously operated by the Korea Manpower Agency. Today, KCCI runs vocational training courses in Busan, Incheon, Gwangju, Gyonggi, Gangwon (Hongcheon), Chungbuk (Okcheon), Jeonnam (Gongju) and Jeonbuk (Gunsan).

Improving training efficiency

The training institutes had previously operated with autonomy, and each center was using a different CAD/CAM software. As a result, they had to frequently change software in an attempt to provide customers (enterprises) with workers who had the right, up-to-date skills. The short software life cycle – usually less than two years – incurred high administration costs, including the constant need to retrain instructors.

To improve efficiency and better meet enterprises’ needs for capable, knowledgeable workers, KCCI decided to implement standardized CAD/CAM software and training across the country.

Cimatron chosen for its ease of use and ROI

KCCI’s HRDO evaluated seven industry solutions on the basis of 1) ease of use; 2) teaching and learning efficiency; 3) overall five year costs; and 4) CAD/CAM capabilities and functionality. At the end of the review process, CimatronE was selected as the standard CAD/CAM training tool for all eight training centers. An additional factor in the decision to go with CimatronE was that it was most appropriate for the primarily mid-size companies served by the training office. The comprehensiveness of the solution and Cimatron’s extensive customer service also helped tip the balance in CimatronE’s favor.

DH KIM, Manager, KCCI HRDO, said: "After completing our evaluation, it was clear to us that CimatronE is best for our educational institutes because it is easy to use and provides us with more benefit in relation to its cost.”

More effective, more efficient training means better prepared graduates

KCCI trained an initial group of 45 CAD/CAM instructors on Cimatron. Overall, the instructors were very satisfied with the total Cimatron solution from quoting to delivery. They agreed that using Cimatron enables courses that are more effective and more practical than had been possible with the previous software packages. Additionally, several instructors noted that having Cimatron as the network-wide CAD/CAM software made it easier to transfer between institutes, as they now would no longer need to waste time learning new software.

CimatronE was selected as KCCI’s training platform "because it is important that our graduates go into the job market with the skills they need,” said Mr Kim. “We are committed to giving our trainees every advantage and Cimatron is the most competitive product in the mold making industry, especially for small- to medium-size companies.”

In addition to enabling KCCI to better meet market needs, switching to Cimatron has brought important cost benefits. Reduced training costs and more efficient software maintenance and upgrade programs all contribute to a strong, ongoing return on investment. As a result, KCCI expects to be able purchase additional licenses without adding to its budget.

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