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Trami Delivers Greater Efficiencies in Die Design and Production with Cimatron CAD/CAM Software


Fashion accessories and luxury items


Milan, Italy


  • Shortening the development cycle in the construction of progressive dies
  • Offering a complete service for customers, from the initial sketch to the supply of the finished product
  • Maintaining the high quality of its products and reducing wastage of raw materials

Cimatron’s DieDesign

  • Reduction in the time required throughout the entire production cycle
  • Elimination of the need for “trial and error” owing to Cimatron’s powerful simulations
  • Improved design capabilities, with drawing and finite element analysis taking into account stretching and deformation, as well as identification of the punches needed at each station
  • Enhanced strip design that optimizes the use of the material, thereby reducing wastage
  • Availability of the necessary design and analysis tools to tackle complex die bases

Trami is a subsidiary of Menoni, a leading Italian designer, and producer of fashion accessories and luxury items. Established in Milan in 1929, Menoni commenced with the production of cutting tools and brass pieces, later moving into jewelry and fashion. Today it creates tens of millions of pieces each year for major luxury brands such as Gucci, Prada, Versace and Max Mara.

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