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Cimatron Copilot - AI Support

Fast and effective AI support with Cimatron Copilot

Cimatron Copilot chatbot introduces first-line support to efficiently handle customer queries

Accessible from a browser, Cimatron Copilot operates as a search engine on a large language model. It is empowered by Microsoft Azure Open AI. When you ask a question, the chatbot takes the chore out of searching through the product documentation for you and answers your question in a readable format, making it an ideal and responsive first stop for assistance before reaching out for first-line support. It is available 24/7 as a virtual customer assistant.

It also references the source of the information, so you can delve further into the documentation, if required.

Cimatron AI Chatbot example

Cimatron Copilot requires the following to function:

  1. An active internet connection.
  2. An active maintenance contract.

Cimatron Copilot shows in a chat style interface in the same way ordinary messaging apps work.

The introduction of Cimatron Copilot is part of our commitment to embrace AI for the benefit of our customers. It represents just the start of a longer-term embrace of AI to maximize productivity and profitability.

You can make comments, and we will have a feedback loop to adjust and improve this service.

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To learn more about how our Copilot fits in with Sandvik's plans for AI, visit the AI for manufacturing page on the Sandvik SMF website.

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