RTM Changes the Way It Produces Parts with Cimatron CAD/CAM software

Industry: Pneumatics, hydraulics, hobbies, furniture

Location: Pisa, Italy

Web Site: http://www.rtm-srl.com

The Challenge 
  • Producing parts involving a high degree of complexity as a way of giving the company a competitive advantage over other tool shops
  • Finding the right technology for high precision product development
  • Achieving efficiencies across the board in terms of time, cost and labor
The Solutions 

Cimatron’s 5-Axis

The Results 
  • Accurate translation of imported data from a variety of standard and proprietary formats, as well as the ability to repair defects such as gaps and overlaps
  • Significant efficiencies resulting from templates and pre-set processes, as well as automatic programming that supports manual checking off every aspect of the processing if so desired
  • Precision in complex product development, such as the ability to create holes with a tolerance of 0.2 microns, obtaining surface roughness and special profiles, beams or bevels almost invisible to the naked eye
  • Certainty that the tool paths are fully tested and secure, thanks to Cimatron’s realistic simulations of the process of chip breaking

Vicenza-based RTM produces mechanical parts in the fields of pneumatics, hydraulics, hobbies, furniture, and others. With a production staff of 20 and an array of machines, the company works with materials such as brass, copper, PVC, silver, aluminum and stainless steel, with diameters between 3 mm and 60 mm. RTM operates under ISO 9000 quality certification.

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