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Daily CAD/CAM - Interview with Cimatron President, Antonio Parisse

Exploring Innovation and Industry Trends - An Interview with Daily CADCAM

In an exclusive interview with Daily CADCAM’s Sachin R Nalawade, Cimatron president, Antonio Parisse discusses our product portfolio, AI integration, and strategies for growth. He also touches on industry trends, challenges, and the expansion of Mold and Die manufacturing alongside the rise of electric vehicles.

What are the emerging trends in the manufacturing sector, and how is Cimatron adapting its strategies to align with these trends?

Manufacturers worldwide need help sourcing skilled resources, specifically tool and die makers, as the pool of experienced individuals diminishes. This skilled labor shortage poses complexities for implementing CAM software, as companies require personnel with strong technical backgrounds. The need for more trained individuals impedes productivity and efficiency on the shop floor. Hence, our focus is increasingly on automation and integrating AI features into our software.

Also, in the last few years, we have witnessed the convergence of additive and subtractive manufacturing, leading to the emergence of hybrid CAM technologies. Therefore, we are actively exploring CAM hybrid solutions to adapt to these advancements.

Being part of Sandvik presents opportunities, as we now have tremendous access to machine and cutting tool expertise. This enables us to create synergies and optimize toolpath strategies for enhanced performance. The partnership with Sandvik enhances our capabilities and broadens our reach, allowing us to deliver even more comprehensive solutions to our customers.

Regarding AI development, we have already begun integrating AI features into our products, including Cimatron. One of many development teams, particularly in Pune, India, is comprised of over twenty skilled developers, has made significant progress in AI-related projects. Recently, I had the pleasure of witnessing a remarkable demonstration of their work, showcasing impressive results in picture recognition based on 3D model geometry. This commitment to AI integration is a testament to our dedication to innovation and ability to adapt to industry trends.

We are considering packaging these AI capabilities as a cloud-based service for our customers. AI will enhance our offerings and align with Sandvik's broader portfolio, potentially benefiting a more comprehensive range of users.

Overall, I am optimistic about the direction we are heading in, with exciting developments in AI and a commitment to innovation driving us forward.

What advancements have you observed in integrating AI into mechanical engineering processes, particularly in streamlining workflows and addressing challenges posed by complex product shapes?

Indeed, about a decade ago, the integration of AI into our processes was already being explored. However, at that time, it mainly involved adding layers atop the 3D model to provide supplementary functionalities. The challenge with this approach was the heavy manipulation required on the model or file.

Fast-forward to today, AI presents a more streamlined solution, eliminating the need for such cumbersome processes. It seamlessly integrates into design and manufacturing aspects, especially for tasks like feature recognition, facilitating a smoother workflow.

We've observed a clear trend in mechanical engineering towards more complex products with intricate, prismatic shapes. These shapes pose unique challenges in analysis and manufacturing, leading us to focus on progressively implementing AI-based features. Currently, our efforts are concentrated on enhancing machining capabilities through AI.

With a technical background rooted in mechanical engineering, I find these advancements deeply fascinating. Witnessing the tangible progress we've achieved thus far is incredibly exciting, and it instills confidence in the future of our industry.

How does Cimatron distinguish itself from software like Mastercam, which caters to the Mold and Die industry, considering both are under the same parent company?

Cimatron's focus is clear: we exclusively target the Mold and Die sector. Every tool at our disposal is tailored precisely to serve this industry. Cimatron software offers a unified solution featuring a user-friendly interface that streamlines your workflow, encompassing everything from quoting and design to manufacturing. What sets us apart is our highly specialized approach, dedicated to meeting the unique needs of the Mold and Die market. The integration of modeling and CAM functionalities places us in a unique position. With our software, users can design and manufacture parts seamlessly.

Our approach is highly specialized and dedicated to meeting the unique needs of the Mold and Die market. Integrating modeling and CAM functionalities places us in a unique position, which will continue to set us apart in the industry. With our software, users can design and manufacture parts seamlessly.

One key advantage is that our suite of tools is finely tuned to the intricacies of Mold and Die work. This means users spend less time grappling with creating and strategizing, as the software facilitates these tasks efficiently.

Cimatron boasts comprehensive features honed over years of collaboration and feedback from Mold and Die industry professionals.

Mastercam, conversely, is a robust product with a strong presence in a wide variety pf manufacturing sectors, including Mold and Die. However, it operates primarily in the production machining market segment.

Our strategy revolves around identifying and addressing sector-specific needs with the appropriate tools. Similar challenges were encountered in my previous company, but ultimately, clear distinctions emerged regarding which products to prioritize for specific sectors and requirements.

Overall, while the landscape may seem complex, our goal remains straightforward: to provide tailored solutions that precisely meet the demands of the Mold and Die industry.

What is your perspective on the expansion of the Mold and Die industry in tandem with the rise of electric vehicles and its associated market segment?

We recognize that we must adapt and evolve as a company to thrive. Electric Vehicles represent a promising future, and investing in the die market is pivotal for our growth strategy.

This year, we are focusing on enhancing our Die market presence through significant investments. This includes improving our product and building a competent sales and demonstration team. Effective communication with professionals in the die market is crucial for our success.

We are enhancing our product with additional features tailored to support die designers. The rise of electric vehicles presents ample opportunities for us. 

We continuously expand our product capabilities to meet our customers' evolving needs. Our data analysis confirms the growth potential in the electric vehicle sector, reinforcing our commitment to this path.

What additional capabilities does Cimatron provide for the Die and Mold industry compared to other CAM products?

Cimatron stands out in the Mold and Die industry by offering tailored solutions for this market segment. With Cimatron Mold, users benefit from a comprehensive suite of tools optimized for efficient design processes, resulting in 25-30% time savings compared to other products.

The integrated CAD/CAM functionality further enhances productivity by providing automatic recognition and templates, eliminating the need for extensive tool pass programming. This seamless integration streamlines workflows from design to the shop floor, delivering significant efficiency gains.

Moreover, Cimatron's continuous engagement with customers and resellers ensures that the software evolves to meet evolving industry needs. This customer-centric approach drives ongoing development, resulting in many capabilities that address real-world challenges Die and Mold professionals face.

Also, Cimatron's combination of CAD/CAM integration and specialized features tailored for the Mold & Die market makes it a standout choice, offering unparalleled efficiency and productivity benefits.

Can you elaborate on your strategies to achieve growth in India?

Indeed, when we commenced our operations in India a few years ago, we decided to focus on developing the market through our robust reseller network. At the outset of our journey, we had only a couple of resellers supporting us. However, following Sandvik's acquisition of Cimatron, we have significantly expanded our reseller base to ten strong partners.

Our primary strategy revolves around targeted geographic positioning to align closely with India's industrial hubs and market demands. This strategic approach has yielded impressive results, with the Cimatron market in India witnessing a remarkable 100% growth last year.

We attribute our success to our product offerings and unwavering support for our resellers across all facets of their operations. Recognizing the vast potential of the Indian market, we are committed to further investment and expansion in the region.

While some global markets may be experiencing downturns, India is a beacon of growth opportunities. This conviction underscores our determination to allocate more resources and effort toward advancing our presence in India.

Furthermore, we recognize that our success relies not solely on our products but also on the dedication and expertise of our team members.

Our strategies for India are centered around targeted geographic positioning, robust reseller support, and continuous investment in people and resources. We are excited about India's prospects and remain committed to further regional growth and success.

Please share insights into your background and professional trajectory within the CAD/CAM industry.

As the President of Cimatron, now under the umbrella of Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions, my journey in the CAD/CAM industry spans over 25 years, focusing on Mold and Die manufacturing. My extensive experience includes roles with reputable companies such as SolidWorks Switzerland, Vero Software, and Hexagon. This journey is fueled by my passion for the industry and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

During my tenure, I've acquired a deep understanding of the complexities within the Mold and Die sector, allowing me to deliver tailored solutions that address specific industry needs. From my early days in finite element analysis to my recent positions, I've consistently aimed to enhance productivity and efficiency through innovative approaches.

My background encompasses technical expertise, and sales acumen acquired through diverse roles within the industry. This multi-faceted experience uniquely positions me to tackle various aspects of our business, from development to sales and marketing strategies.

As Cimatron integrates with Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions, I am dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in our collective mission. Together, we aim to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet our customers' evolving demands and ensure their success in today's competitive landscape.


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