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Stay competitive across your entire range of operations with integrated CAD/CAM software that delivers major advantages for mold, die, and manufacturing shops.

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Por que Cimatron?

  • Single, integrated, dedicated solution for tooling
  • Boosts productivity
  • Handles any geometry
  • Machines any part
  • Has local training and support from tooling experts
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What is Cimatron?

Since 1982, Cimatron® has provided toolmakers with an end-to-end solution for designing and manufacturing tools including molds, dies, and electrodes, as well as programming any CNC and EDM machine for molds, dies, plates, and discrete manufacturing. While Cimatron is at its most powerful when used as a fully-integrated system, it also provides standalone solutions for faster quoting, tool design, electrode creation, and NC programming.

  • Cimatron Mold
  • Cimatron Die
  • Cimatron Electrode
  • Cimatron NC Programming

With Cimatron software, you get one solution with a single, intuitive, easy-to-use interface for your entire workflow—from quoting, to design, to manufacturing.

Sample toolmaking workflow

Date Import
Preliminary Design
Programação NC

What Can You Do with Cimatron?

Dramatically increase your productivity, competitiveness, and profitability with a wide range of dedicated, applicative tools for mold, die, and electrode design and manufacturing, as well as a full range of CNC technologies, from simple 2.5-axis milling and drilling to complex 5-axis machining.

  • Start working immediately with any input geometry.
  • Deliver high-quality tools of any complexity or size with superb surface quality in record time.
  • Shorten tool delivery time by up to 70 percent.
  • Realize a return on investment (ROI) in six months or less.
  • Easily handle engineering changes (ECOs).
Cimatron Mold


Cimatron Die


Electrode Design and Manufacturing Features


NC Programming Features


What’s New in Cimatron?

Cimatron 15 introduces hundreds of new and enhanced capabilities for both tool design and NC programming. New mill/turn and conformal cooling applications and analysis tools can help you dramatically accelerate productivity and minimize overhead for designing and manufacturing molds, dies, and discrete parts.

Cimatron 15 What's New Data SheetCimatron Mill/Turn Data Sheet

How Can You Buy Cimatron?

Cimatron offers three basic licensing solutions:

  • Cimatron Designer Solution: CAD-only solution provides full 3D design and modeling capabilities, as well as fully-associative 2D drawing and sketching functions.
  • Cimatron NC Solution: CAM-only solution provides complete and comprehensive milling, drilling, simulation, and verification capabilities up to 2.5 axes + 2X positioning.
  • Cimatron Master Solution: Comprehensive, integrated CAD/CAM solution includes all features of the Cimatron Designer Solution and the Cimatron NC Solution for a powerful, end-to-end solution that provides all the tools and capabilities you need for designing and manufacturing complex projects.

In addition, Cimatron offers a view-only license and special solutions and bundles for electrodes, additive molding, NC plate machining, turning, EDM setup, and education/academic institutions, plus optional add-ons for Programação NC and mold, die, and electrode design and manufacturing so that you can customize your workflow.

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Histórias de Clientes

Cimatron has enabled us to produce more per hour, so we can compete more effectively with companies overseas. And when it comes to the really difficult stuff, no other software can do what Cimatron can.
— Thoms LaMarca, Jr., Owner, L&Z Tool and Engineering, Inc., Watchung, New Jersey, USA


ALPLA implement Cimatron for tool design & manufacturing, and full electrode automation workflow

ALPLA produce innovative packaging systems, bottles, caps and injection-molded parts for a wide range of industries. Find out from Markus Schuster, Head of ALPLA Mold shop how a company with 23,300 employees in 190 locations uses Cimatron for their tool design & manufacturing processes, and electrode automation workflow. Find out more at

HARTING melhora a qualidade da ferramenta, reduz a sucata e fornece moldes mais rapidamente com Cimatron

A HARTING Applied Technologies GmbH em Espelkamp, Alemanha, alcança consistência de dados durante todo o processo de fabricação do molde, desde o projeto até a fabricação, com Cimatron.

VMR alcança Prototipagem rápida e eficiente com Cimatron

VMR GmbH & Co. KG em Mönchweiler, Alemanha entrega 10.000 eletrodos por ano de forma rápida e econômica utilizando Cimatron, reduzindo em 70% o projeto e o tempo de fabricação dos eletrodos.

O Liberty Molds elimina erros e reduz o tempo de projeto em 50% com o Software Cimatron

Liberty Molds, Inc. e Allegiance Mold, LLC em Portage, MI usam o software Cimatron para projetar e fabricar moldes de injeção de plástico personalizados e de alta qualidade mais rapidamente para manter uma vantagem competitiva.

B&J Specialty aumenta a taxa de produção em 30% com Cimatron Projetado em Mold Moldes Conformemente Refrigerados

B&J Specialty aumenta a taxa de produção em 30% com Cimatron Designed Conformally-Cooled Injection Mold. As novas pastilhas de molde resfriadas em conformidade reduziram a variação de temperatura durante o resfriamento para 18˚C e o tempo de ciclo de contração no molde de um minuto para 40 segundos, uma melhoria de produtividade geral de 30%.

Bastech Utiliza Cimatron e Inserts de Refrigeração Conformes para Reduzir Custos e Tempo

GUARDE 70% DE DESENHO DE DESENHO, 16% DE CUSTO DO MOLD, e 14% DE TEMPO DE CICLO DE DESENHO. Scott Young, Gerente de Engenharia da Bastech, um fornecedor de solução de fonte única para projeto de molde

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