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Cimatron NC Programming enables fast, efficient NC programming for molds, dies, plates, and discrete manufacturing with one of the most competitive selections of 2.5- to 5-axis milling and drilling strategies on the market and strong built-in CAD tools, analysis tools, and simulators.

Built-in CAD Functionality

All the CAD you need for the best machining results:

  • Repair the model and apply drafts and rounds with a hybrid CAD environment that allows you to combine wireframe, surfaces, local open solid, and solid functions.
  • Cap holes and slots and extend surfaces with dedicated functions.
  • Remove or modify rounds and draft angles with local open solids.
  • Detect and analyze geometry changes with QuickCompare.

Efficient Roughing, High-Quality Finishing

  • Powerful roughing with ultra-high material removal rate all-rounded roughing (VoluMill).
  • Superior surface quality with rich 3- to 5-axis finish, cleanup, and rest material strategies including air extensions and waterfall elimination.
  • Multi-directional 3D mesh stock for 5-axis positioning efficient, collision-free toolpaths.
  • Dedicated functionality for electrodes and micro milling.

Plate Machining Seat and Automated Drilling

  • The Manufacturing Feature Recognition (MFR) tool automatically recognizes pocket heights, shape, and draft angle for safer and faster programming.
  • A 2.5-axis rough pocket procedure handles open and closed pockets, supports HSM options (i.e., round motions), and delivers holder collision avoidance.
  • Ultra-high material removal rate pocketing (VoluMill) with open pockets and 2D cleanup.
  • Automated pocket and profile using surfaces with criteria-driven templates.
  • Save up to 90 percent programming time with auto drill including hole and actual stock recognition.
  • Safe gun drilling with all feed/speed parameters recognizing intersected drilled holes.

5-Axis Programming

  • Safely complete any job with full user control over 5-axis roughing and finishing.
  • Take advantage of time-saving applications for blades, impellers, blisks, ports, inlets, and turbines.
  • Use 5-axis machine and material removal simulation for medical, aerospace, and other complex parts.
  • Access a rich library of proven posts for any 5-axis machine and controller.

Simulation and Verification

Machine confidently with simulation and verification.

  • Machine simulation with true representation of the kinematics, work piece, and fixtures
  • High-quality, embedded multi-axis material removal simulation
  • Reliable collision and gouge detection for the machine, fixtures, stock, part, tool, and holder
  • Toolpath verification with gouge and collision reports and color-coded remaining stock
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