Informativa sulla privacy

What we collect

  1. Cimatron collects a minimal amount of personal data consistent with its normal conduct of business. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    1. Full Name
    2. Company affiliation
    3. Telephone numbers
    4. E-mail addresses
    5. Miscellaneous notes that facilitate business communication
  2. In addition, Cimatron tracks your activity on our web sites and details of when communications between you and a Cimatron representative are sent or received.
  3. The content of some communications, such as emails are retained.

Where we get it from

Cimatron obtains personally identifiable information from the following sources:

  1. Cimatron obtains personally identifiable information from the following sources:
  2. Registration forms on our web sites.
  3. Personal contact with a Cimatron representative–including through the exchange of business cards.
  4. Trade show attendance lists.
  5.  Other marketing lists.

When information from sources 3 and 4 are retained, you will receive an email notification and have correction or removal rights, as described below.

How it is used

  1. Cimatron uses personally identifiable information for the normal conduct of its business with your organization.
  2. Cimatron may also use it for direct marketing purposes and to evaluate the effectiveness of its product offerings.
  3. You may choose to not receive direct marketing materials from Cimatron.
  4. You may not exclude yourself from routine business transactions, such as notification that a maintenance contract is about to expire or acknowledgment of a case submission, etc.

Who is it shared with

Cimatron may share some of your personally identifiable information with the following types of organizations for the routine conduct of its business only:

  1. Bulk mailing
  2. Credit card processing
  3. Marketing management (e.g. Act-On)

These business are only authorized to use the information provided by Cimatron for the specified service. Cimatron does not authorize third parties to use the information for any other purpose. Cimatron does not sell personal information to any other organization.

Correcting your data

You have the right to request a copy of your personal information on Cimatron’s systems. This is displayed on the web site.
You may correct the information on that site, or if you are not able to, you may send an email request to

Removing your data

You have the right to have all personal data that is not linked to a business transaction, including communication records, removed from Cimatron’s systems. Examples of business transactions include, but are not limited to:

  1. Purchases
  2. Support requests
  3. Email
  4. Information not directly needed for the business transaction will be removed.
  5. After a removal request, no new transactions using your personal information that has to be retained because it is part of a business transaction, will be processed by Cimatron.
  6. Archived personal information may not be removed, but will only be used in such a way that renders it anonymous.
  7. Your right of removal will be forwarded to any third parties, acting on Cimatron’s behalf, that might have retained your personal information.
  8. In order to have your information removed, send an email to