תכנת תיב"מ לייצור עם פרודוקטיביות ללא תחרות.

Cimatron provides toolmakers with an integrated CAD/CAM solution for the design and manufacture of plastic injection molds and sheet metal stamping dies, as well as programming 2D to 5-Axis milling and Wire EDM machines. While Cimatron is at its most powerful when used as a fully-integrated system, it also provides standalone solutions for faster quoting, tool design, electrode creation, and NC programming.
השימוש בסימטרון מאפשר לעבוד עם פתרון אחד כולל, איטואיטיבי וקל לשימוש לתהליך הייצור כולו, משלב הוצאת הצעת מחיר, לשלב התכנון ועד הייצור.

“Without Cimatron we would not be able to do what we do today. We have significantly cut our tool build time from 16 to 12 weeks.”

Pat Stevens, Engineering Manager, Liberty Molds, Inc
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