Cimatron Die Design

Cimatron Die is a single, integrated CAD/CAM software solution dedicated to die making—from quoting, to design, to manufacturing Deliver high-quality dies of any complexity and size in record time.

Data Import

Import your customer data and start working within seconds:Start working as soon as you get your customer’s


Win more business with quick and accurate quoting:Spot undercuts—immediately locating lifters, sliders, and a

Blank Design and Forming

Die Layout

Die Set Design

Punch/Matrix Design

Catalog Parts

Collision Detection and Motion Analysis


Built-In CAD Functionality

Efficient Roughing

High-Quality Finishing

Full 5-Axis Capabilities for Die Making

Plate Machining and Drilling

Take advantage of a full hybrid system that enables you to combine wireframe, surfaces, local open solid, and…

Simulation and Post-Processor Support

NC Setup and Tool Table Reports

Wire EDM Programming

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