CimatronE Master The CimatronE Master Solution is the most comprehensive, integrated CAD/CAM solution for toolmakers.
CimatronE Designer CimatronE Designer Solution is created especially for toolmakers. It is a CAD system that provides all you need for planning and drawing any tool, for all stages of the tool design process.
MoldDesign Cimatron’s MoldDesign application is a set of tools – over and beyond CimatronE’s basic CAD/CAM toolmaking solution – that is optimized especially for making molds.
DieDesign CimatronE DieDesign is a fully integrated solution from progressive die quoting and strip design to final production. CimatronE DieDesign works the way you work. With an intimate understanding of diemaking, the application was created to fully support a natural diemaking workflow.
Electrode Cimatron delivers the most complete system for designing, documenting and manufacturing EDM electrodes.
CimatronE NC CimatronE NC delivers the confidence of knowing that you can machine any part, from the routine to the most complex.
Micro Milling Cimatron has leveraged over 2 decades of tooling expertise, and the know-how of best-of-breed NC applications, to introduce a first-of-its-kind Micro Milling application that scales jobs to the micro environment.
CimatronE NC-Lite CimatronE NC-Lite is a highly automated NC solution for 3-axis milling. It combines the power of CimatronE NC with enhanced automation capabilities to deliver true shop floor NC simplicity.
5-Axis Production Cimatron's dedicated software for 5-Axis Production gives experts productive tools they need to create highly-efficient, gouge-free toolpaths that produce complex parts with high surface quality
Data Translation Built from the ground up to support data import, CimatronE offers a customizable data import utility - allowing advanced users to define parameters best suited to their unique needs, and novice users to rely on quality default settings.
CimatronE Viewer CimatronE Viewer allows viewing, measurement and analysis of CimatronE CAD files - without full CimatronE seat installation - enabling all parties to ensure model accuracy and suitability before costly prototyping begins.
ShoeExpress ShoeExpress is a set of dynamic process orientated tools – fully integrated into CimatronE’s powerful CAD/CAM package – specifically tailored for the footwear industry.
ReEnge Advanced ReEngeAdv provides tools for the creation, manipulation and editing of point clouds, NURBS curves/surfaces and STL data all within CimatronE.
WireEDM Fikus WireEDM provides a solution for programming wire EDM machines, to produce complex toolpaths quickly and efficiently.
Lathe Fikus Lathe for CimatronE provides a solution for lathe NC programming, producing complex toolpaths quickly and efficiently.