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Cloud-based Simulation Software

Improve Productivity with Simulation Software with Cloud Computing

For decades, large companies have applied modeling and simulation to significantly reduce the cost of doing business. Small and mid-sized companies have not been able to participate in these highly efficient approaches because of:

  •          High cost of software
  •          Requirement for more costly hardware
  •          Need for trained staff to apply the software
  •          Cost of IT support 

View this webinar to learn how you can now apply this sophisticated but easy to use next-generation computational software to improve your business and increase your profits with a new private cloud pay-per-use program.

Mold Design Keys to Success

A few key mold design strategies can go a long way to ensure you deliver top quality molds in a timely manner.

The success of a mold manufacturer boils down to its ability to deliver high quality products at the shortest time and lowest cost possible. Attend this webinar and learn some mold design best practices that will help you achieve these goals.
Join this webinar and learn:

  • How to create a repeatable lean process
  • How to start on the right foot with accurate quoting
  • Why 3-D and “Design-in-Motion” are the new gold standards
  • Why some mold makers are winning big even in tough times
  • CASE STUDY: Mold Maker Takes Streamlining to the Next Level


Tom Bergman
Vice President of Manufacturing
Aluminum Injection Mold Company

Dan Branch
Support Manager
Cimatron Technologies, Inc.

Reduce NC Programming Time by More than 25%

Quicker programming, more efficient machining, and a bulletproof tool path with CimatronE NC.

Tailored specifically to a toolmaker's needs, CimatronE features the most advanced milling and drilling strategies and capabilities from 2.5 Axis to 5-Axis, making it the NC application of choice for thousands of tool shops worldwide.

The CimatronE NC Advantage:

- Toolpath efficiency allows you to deliver tools faster
- Optimized machining strategies ensure superior surface quality
- Accurate simulation guarantees error-free production
- Tight CAD/CAM integration enables smooth transition from design to shop floor

Sounds too good to be true?

View this web seminar and product demonstration and see for yourself the Cimatron difference!

Cut Your Die Design Time by 25-30%

In today's increasingly competitive market, diemakers need advanced CAD/CAM and analysis tools that complement and leverage your experience, not replace it.

You need a solution that offers the right balance between automation and full control - enabling productivity without compromising quality.

That's why we created CimatronE DieDesign.

View this web seminar and product demonstration and see for yourself the Cimatron difference.

Optimization of Quality, Mold and Part


The injection machine has a significant effect on the quality of the plastic product. If the machine is not running optimally, then the quality will be poor.  We invite you to join us for this free webinar, where you will learn about the secrets to substantially improve and enhance product production with minimal or no cost of change. 
Optimizing part and mold design, PLM integration, and design verification ultimately lead to dramatic reductions in cost, time, waste, and variability. 
Topics discussed in this session include:
  • Injection molding and CAE
  • Part and mold design
  • Machine and process conditions
  • Introduction to Moldex3D/eDesign
  • Moldex3D/eDesign analysis result interpretation

Automating the Mold Design Process

No two molds are alike. Finding a solution that can handle everything - from non-standard molds, standard molds with inserts, to family molds is a challenge that mold makers face on a daily basis. Fortunately, such a solution does exist - and it's one that you can easily use with your existing CAD/CAM package.

Join this free online seminar and learn:
 - How to reduce your mold design time by up to 50%.
 - Mold Design best practices - what others are doing.
 - Mold Design functionality: associative components/drawings, intelligent ejection & cooling system, knowledge-based positioning etc.

Meeting Today’s Micro Milling Challenges

More and more industries (medical, optics, computer equipment, etc.) depend on the ability to cost-effectively manufacture very small, high-precision molds and parts. However, the increasing demand for micro-scale components and products presents toolmakers with new and diverse challenges - ranging from the use of new materials to special mold coatings, milling parts with 0.1mm diameter tools and achieving sub-micron-level accuracy.

View this webinar and get practical tips that will help you overcome the challenges and make the most out of the micro-milling opportunity.

Tool Shop Optimization: Lean Mfg. Case Study

Manufacturers around the globe and across all industries are turning to Lean Manufacturing techniques to help them stay competitive. EIMO Americas provides a shining example of a toolmaker that has fully embraced lean manufacturing and has the results to show for it: shorter delivery times, lower cost of production, and high quality products that keep customers coming back.

Learn to Love Electrodes Many mold makers consider electrodes a necessary evil. Like it or not, electrodes are still required for a good portion of mold making jobs. Toolmakers are constantly seeking new ways to ease the pain of creating electrodes.
How to Compete: The Real Cost of Outsourcing Manufacturers often turn to overseas shops for lower-cost molds. Looking at the bigger picture, however, reveals that this move may actually increase their cost.