KSB Group
Industry: Production of pumps and valves for the construction, water, energy, mining, and defense industries
Location: Pune, India

"We have been able to reduce cycle times by more than 40% while achieving higher levels of quality and accuracy compared to our previous CAD/CAM software."

Mr Prabhu Mathpati, CAD/CAM Officer

The Challenge
- Shortening production time of complex molds while maintaining high quality standards
- Reducing machining time while improving surface quality
- Effectively utilizing 4-Axis machining for complete material removal and reducing manual finishing labor
- Eliminating gauging problems

The Solutions
CimatronE NC solution with 4-Axis for pattern manufacturing

The Results
- Using CimatronE, KSB has improved toolpath quality and eliminated gouging problems
- KSB is able to produce high quality molds at shorter production times
- KSB has increased productivity to about 1000 impellors per month

| At a glance

KSB Group is one of the world leading producers of pumps, valves and related systems for the building services, defense, mining, water utilities, and energy sectors. With about 14,000 employees around the world, KSB has more than 30 manufacturing sites in 19 countries.