Analysis Tools

CimatronE’s die design solution includes built-in Finite Element Analysis, allowing you to perform a wide range of accurate analysis and blanking calculations in the same environment as the rest of your design work. Finite Element Analysis makes quoting easier, allows you to design more accurate tools and cut down on trial and error.



| How does it work?
  • Generate full thickness and strain analysis to evaluate the process the moment you receive the part and to help plan out the forming stages.
  • Perform real-time thinning and safety analysis using Finite Element Analysis tools to check for over bent areas and wrinkles.
  • View a detailed force calculation, with a force assigned to every punch to help choose a press.
  • Locate undercuts by generating a color coded analysis of draft angles.
  • Ensure that machining is as simple as possible by analyzing the curvature of the geometry to determine the method of manufacturing.
| Benefits
  • Cut down on trial and error during later stages
  • Faster, more confident work
  • All die design can take place using one single software
  • Make better-informed decisions