Punch/Matrix Design

CimatronE _ Die DesignCimatronE uses a rich selection of applicative tools as well as the full power of its hybrid surfacing and solid capabilities to simplify accurate punch creation.




| How does it work?
  • Design trimming punches by defining contours in one click, importing catalog punches where necessary. The system will automatically cut through plates to position the punch.
  • Establish dimensions of the matrix, die backing plates and die shoes within a user friendly dialog.
  • Create the wedge for fastening, using a semi-automated function to save time and ensure accuracy.
  • Use CimatronE’s wealth of dedicated surfacing and solid operations to create forming punches in 3D.
  • Import catalog punches of all kinds from a range of different catalogs.
| Benefits
  • Faster Punch creation
  • Avoid interference and other errors with a 3D system
  • Strip design, punch creation, and NC all in the same software