Strip and Transfer Station Design

Strip LayoutCimatronE provides dedicated tools to help you plan out the strip (or transfer die process) by visualizing different layout and process options.





| How does it work?
  • Determine the number of progressions (stations), progression distance (pitch), strip width, blank location, blank angle, distance between rows and other layout parameters
  • Make and view utilization and scrap on the fly with real-time simulation and validation
  • Create and relocate trimming punches, carriers and pilots while allowing you to visualize the impact of each cut operation on the remaining strip
  • ‘pick and drop’ your selected freeform shape from the shape forming area into the strip to achieve your desired strip/transfer layout
  • Transition comfortably from a 2D design software, with a similar 2D working experience but with the ability to visualize the vertical axis on screen, thus eliminating interference and other errors.
  • Prepare a strip for mirror parts or two different parts.
| Benefits
  • Reduction of scrap and accurate estimates of material utilization
  • Quickly visualize the layout of the parts on the sheet metal