Modeling and Assembly for Tooling

CimatronE _ Die DesignAll aspects of CimatronE’s CAD system were developed with the die maker in mind. From total freedom to interchange between solid, surface and wireframe operations, to an assembly environment built for tooling, CimatronE’s system is attuned to the die makers needs.



| How does it work?
  • Adapt the part for stamping (mending) using CimatronE’s truly hybrid environment, with a wealth of solid and surface operations dedicated to die making.
  • Design the die tool with the flexibility to alternate between wireframe, surface and solid operations so you can use the simplest possible method to achieve the geometries you need.
  • Integrate catalog parts into assemblies; modeling capabilities allow you to automatically create pockets in every plate the part goes through and thread the pocket where necessary.
| Benefits
  • Fast creation of dies
  • Total flexibility in die design and when making alterations to the part
  • Preliminary designs can be produced easily and quickly, for use while quoting or evaluating a project.