CimatronE’s Electrode Solution drastically reduces EDM cycle time and computerizes the entire process, helping to minimize the risk of human error and ensuring your work flow is efficient and organized.
Use CimatronE to automate electrode design, plan out the burning stages, and streamline manufacture and burning. The solution also provides an automated drawing feature, CNC codes for EDM machines, and a CMM application for post manufacture inspection.

| Main capabilities
Electrode Design Electrode Design
The CimatronE Electrode Solution excels at detailed and automated design of any electrode, from the simplest to the most complex.
 CimatronE Electrode Burning Process Definition
CimatronE offers you a built-in interface to quickly, efficiently and comfortably organize the complete burning process.
 Automated Drawing

Automated Drawings
The EDM process often involves printing several different drawings of every single electrode. CimatronE automates this process, producing drawings for inspection, burning, NC and other uses, all with a click of the mouse.

 Electrode Manufacturing Electrode Manufacturing
CimatronE offers a perfect combination of highly automated NC programming with full user control.
 CimatronE Electrode Electrode Inspection
CimatronE’s Electrode Solution offers all of the tools necessary for a detailed and streamline inspection of electrodes; computerizing inspection helps to guarantee total accuracy and to prevent expensive errors.
 CimatronE Electrode

CimatronE provides essential tools to help streamline your burning process and ensure that accurate results are achieved as quickly as possible.

| Benefits
  • Raise productivity and dramatically shorten the EDM cycle
  • Reduce the risk of human error at the engineering and shop floor levels
  • Undertake high quality, efficient machining of any electrode in minimal programming time
  • Enjoy rapid end to end electrode design, manufacturing, and burning