5-Axis Simultaneous Milling

CimatronE _ 5 Axis MillingSimultaneous milling allows you to manufacture with a short tool in areas where 3+2 milling is not optimal. CimatronE provides all necessary strategies for this type of milling, including strategies developed especially for the tool maker.



| How does it work?
  • Machine parts with deep cavities and protruding cores using short, conic tools with a small diameter. The tool, tool extension, and holder can all be automatically oriented considering the part and the multi-directional stock.
  • Reduce the need for electrodes with direct milling of narrow slots and tiny corner radiuses.
  • Utilize 5-Axis flowline machining to program an uninterrupted tool motion, and achieve successful machining of very complex shapes with undercuts, like rubber molds and curved tunnel gates. 
  • Other capabilities of 5-Axis Simultaneous milling include inclined engraving, 5-Axis trimming for edge machining for vacuum mold parts, and automatic chamfering and removal of burrs.
| Benefits
  • Get the most out of your 5-Axis machine
  • Save time and money with a reduced need for electrodes
  • Achieve a high surface quality with short machining times
  • Experience very simple programming of tilting strategies