5-Axis Positioning

CimatronE _ 5 Axis Milling3+2 Axis milling strategies offer the most robust option for tool making. They allow you to machine in several different directions in only one setup, ensuring accuracy and enabling you to use shorter tools for machining. Ultimately this means an increase in surface quality, a shorter set-up time, and a reduced need for electrodes.


| How does it work?
  • Position any 3-Axis milling strategy in any orientation so you can achieve optimal machining conditions using shorter tools (for details of 3-Axis roughing, finishing, re-machining and flowline machining strategies, click here).
  • Reduce air-cutting, ensure complete removal of remaining stock (no area undermachined), and create a collision-free toolpath with real-time multi-directional stock recognition.
  • Transform and copy any existing toolpaths at any orientation, if necessary. Sort and optimize machining to minimize tool changes and machining time, streamlining milling of multi-cavity molds.
  • Drill plates with hundreds of holes at any angle, supporting pocketing of wide holes, thread milling and gun drilling. Reduce programming time and standardize machining by creating a library of drill sequences.
| Benefits
  • Get the most out of your 5-Axis machine
  • Reduce overall manufacturing time and ensure accuracy with only one setup required
  • Experience easier Programming