Post Processors

CimatronE _ ManufacturingWorking successfully with NC software requires effective post processors. It is essential that you should feel completely confident that what you see on screen, whether programming or running a simulation, is what you will machine in real life. CimatronE’s post processors are field proven and developed in cooperation with local service providers, Cimatron HQ, and machine tool and controller vendors. We are committed to offering posts that work effectively with any 3-5 Axis machine and with any controller.

| How does it work?
  • Work with any leading controller, like Fanuc, Heidenhain and Siemens, as well as any other new or old controller available.
  • Use a specific post processor for your machine, with a rich selection of off-the-shelf post processors and custom-built post processors available from your local service provider.
  • Validate machining with the knowledge that your simulation is synchronized with the post processor.
  • Send any procedure to any 3-5 Axis machine, with total setup flexibility.
  • Cimatron’s local service providers are committed to reliably run your machines, whether they are internationally certified or locally built.
| Benefit
  • Ensure reliable machining and simulation
  • Run any machine or controller