Simulation and Verification

CimatronE - NC SimulationAccurate simulations of machining do much more than just ensure safe machining. CimatronE’s selection of 2.5-5 Axis simulators and verifiers also allow you to visualize machining in several different ways so that you can be confident you have programmed the procedures that are most appropriate to your aims.


| How does it work?
  • View detailed simulations of material removal in any procedure with representation of the tools and holder trajectory and the tool tip’s movement with respect to the part, in order to verify every step of the machining process.
  • Verify machining with gouge and collision detection that checks the tool, and the holder with respect to the part, to make sure that your machining is safe.
  • Evaluate any procedure and make decisions about future procedures by inspecting the “remaining stock map”, which displays a color coded dynamic image of the state of the stock in comparison to the part after the procedure.
  • Activate a complete simulation which is synchronized with the post processor and includes machine kinematics, machine limits, setup and clamping devices.
| Benefits
  • Experience safe machining on all machine types
  • Transfer jobs from one machine to another with confidence
  • Simulate and verify as you work for optimal machining